May 3, 2013

M A C H N I K   M A G I C

Here are the photos of the week with Paul and Bess and Tacee at our print space
we had a great week.  Paul got busy getting the artists to try his new (to us) techniques with a white ground and drypoint on aluminium ... Bess got busy taking photos (thank you Bess) and Tacee got to see another print studio and how things can happen in remote areas ... we did take them out on the boat too and for a couple of bbq's and beach time but mostly we made them work,  work,  work ....!

Gunybi made some amazing portraits

Nyapanyapa and Dhapanbal
 keeping an eye on the proceedings ...

Nonggirrnga with the white ground and then looking at the proofs
yes  she likes !

the lovely Dhapanbal


Iggy gets busy too !
Paul talking about it all to Dhapanbal, Tacee and Gayili

working hard 

Nyapsie made two prints - one with her hands and one with her feet 
Nonggirrnga approves her teacup print 
Nyapsie, me and Tacee

Dhurrmurrwuy got in on the action

pulling a proof and posing
more posing - with Glenn from the MCA

A N D then tomorrow I leave with Djirrirra to America !   We have two weeks at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico learning the fine art of lithography !!!  Truly amazing times - so busy I can hardly keep up but good things,  good things ....  

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