Apr 28, 2013

the art centre got an extension - and here are some photos of it - the building got finished AGES ago but I have been so very very very busy I haven't had a chance to post anything about it.
Alongside with extension of the building there were two self-contained units built up on the hill which now accommodate our regular visitors and recently housed the Native American artists we had visiting in March and until this morning two lovely French-Canadian printmakers with their young Torres Strait Islander apprentice printmaker who have been here for a week running a workshop at the print studio  - like i said i have been so very very very busy 
new gallery
view from the print studio into new gallery space
Nyapanyapa paintings and poles 
new packing shed
Kade at his new desk
looking from the packing shed towards the new admin area
new display area - styled by Megan beautifully
new gallery
Will at his new desk
troopys parked out the back of new extension
looking down to the new building from the new units
looking up to the new units from the new building
Kade modelling the units 
inside the new units

SO, that is all very good - official opening coming up ...

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