Jan 20, 2013

B R I S B A N E 

we went to Brisbane for 3 days on our way to Melbourne. I had my birthday there at a posh restaurant which was fun and delicious and nice to be in civilisation with good cocktails and fresh fancy food ... Iggy got in trouble for not wearing shoes by the establishment .. it was his first day in city for a long time but they didn't seem to understand that ... he was also dressed as Batman for the entire three days but no-one seemed to notice that so much 
we also went to a laneway bar and played giant jenga at the park, swan in the pools at the river and had a look arounds. It was fun, brisbane is good. We looked at the APT7 exhibition at GOMA which was excellent. they had tons of great kids interactive activities that keep little boys busy too .

T H E N we went to melbourne for three lovely long weeks seeing our friends and family and getting fed on great food and unlimited wine.  I managed to take literally only these few photos somewhat due to the fact that misplaced the thing for 7 days but also due to that fact that I am lazy. I got virtually no photos of our lovely friends and family except these blurry lot which is a shame  ( but I do have a new year's resolution! This year I am going to be much better with taking photos and posting them ... I know I got a bit slack at the end of last year but truly, it was so hot )
A N Y W A Y S, here is our holiday in melbourne in a limited photo montage, we had a great time - thank you to everyone that hosted us and found us beds and let us stay, we truly appreciate it !
kade and Corey - dad style !
the kids on new years eve at Phillip Island 

we took the kids to play mini-golf 

picnic with our lovelies at Heide - again either crap or no photos
 so many new babies to admire though !

We spent one night at the farm - the only one that wasn't 41 degrees - 
It was good up there, so so different from here, so dry and brown and yet still very beautiful
We went swimming in the river twice, saw the stars, ate delicious food and 
enjoyed the wide open spaces ...
it was very dry ... like walking on glass 

the traditional tree stump rolling event

  O B I   -  S A I L O R  -   I G G Y  -  E L A  
tearing up the shed

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