Aug 31, 2012

Now to travel back in time to Darwin August 12th and the weekend prior which had the openings and happenings of the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair and The Telstra Art Awards and The Ganyu Gallery and the Three exhibition ...

here are some photos of the Gan'yu gallery

and me looking goofy
with the family

The print space usually exhibits the years work at the Garma Festival every year at the Gapan Gallery ( see this time last year's blog entry) but since this years Garma Festival has 'downsized' we had to explore another option to display the work .. so in conjunction with Nomad Art we shipped over 30 hollow logs and installed them in the festival gardens with the framed prints hang outside under the gan'yu (stars) ... the work looked really beautiful ( the photos don't really do it justice as it is the hardest space to photograph )  It was great for me to see the 'Marwat Etchings of 2012' which i printed alongside Ruby as well as the 'Seven Sisters Project' which we ran back last october and Basil Hall has printed. 

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