May 28, 2012

There has as usual been alot going on ... i have had no time to update so i forget now all the things that happened last week, last month except some of the most important things of course ..

first we had the passing of two great ladies - within days of each other, one from here and one from down south... that has been terribly sad ...

we had a flurry of house guests including Paul our volunteer from nz who brought a box of fresh veges and then proceeded to cook them up for us ( we like that ) and Jeremy ( again ) the yidaki specialist on his way to europe ...

we have had visitors, as usual, including the hilarious John Wolseley who charmed the pants off us.

Iggy turned three - woohoo - and we managed to take the boat out with Jo, Bec and Bo to our island for some swimming and eating fun.

and what else ....?  I can't remember but the weather is wild - windy and C O L D - i am wearing socks and layers and the rain has been on and off for almost  week - it is freakish !