Feb 20, 2012

Y U T A   P R O J E C T 
I have been really busy which is my excuse for not having posted these pictures, or any pictures, earlier ...  after the post-holiday blues ( few hours and a spring clean ) things kicked back into gear with the start of school again for Sailor, daycare for Iggy, work for me without my kiddies and the arrival of the impeccable Sean Smith - of The Ownership Project in Melbourne and the screen printer we co-orced into facilitating alongside Ruby and myself the new youth project workshop  -  which stands to be one of the best things I have achieved up here... 
mikey and sean
with ruby and bawu
Since 2009 the print space has had some involvement in teaching and editioning some works made by the youth - particularly those disengaged with their community - those dropping out of school and getting into mischief - including petrol sniffing ... among other anti-social behaviour. The prints they produced in 2009 led to another workshop in 2010 since called the 'Young Ones' a collection of self portraits using photoshop with linocuts which had an exhibition in Darwin in 2011 and was super successful in terms of getting kids involved ... and SO following on from that a grant was secured from Australian Council to run another workshop and that workshop is YUTA ... which in yolngu means new but also means young ... 
bawu making her print
and so here we are - photos of us running yuta and producing some super great prints made by some super great disengaged kids (the youngest 12 years old and a big petrol sniffer - hard to believe)  who showed themselves to be not only really talented but actually really engaged and fun to have around. We had a great almost-2 weeks with Sean , with whom we could not have done it without, but having hung out with him for the entire almost-2 weeks as he stayed at our house too, wouldn't have wanted to do without ....
mikey and gadaman on the gurney
our youngest printmaker - gadaman
learning the ropes

all in a line
dhamula with her print

gandhurrminy with her print

sean inking up
w sean

the three of us with our weeks work

ishmael with his print
gadaman with his print
bawu with 'bloods and bones'

The Ownership Project is in Melbourne and we are going to bring the prints down in April for an exhibition. Keep a look out if you live nearby!  Otherwise check out their facebook page and their website...

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