Mar 18, 2011

Kade got back from sydney last night after a seriously quick jaunt there and back - enough time to buy a phone (yay a landline!) a mattress topper (yay a good nights sleep!)(kids not included) and some new shirts...but thats not why he went...he went to attend the opening of a new exhibition of Buku Larranggay Artists Djambawa Marawili and his wife Kathy Wirrpanda at Annadale Galleries. They had a successful time, and Kade had a re-introduction to the art scene in Sydney and another taste of what his new job entails...talking art to art fiends and the like... he of course, had no problem with this. hah
He also got to meet Fiona Hall    L u c k y

Djambawa eating burramundi in chinatown

 with Kathy
 at the gallery
one of those art fiends

Meanwhile I have been waiting for some white ecthing ink to arrive express post for two weeks ... on tuesday when I was poised ready to get all mad I discovered that the supplier never got my fax and so the ink had never ever even been sent.... this white ink is the basis for all the linocuts in the printspace waiting to be editioned so, the ink arrived today - next week is gonna be busy, but the ladies will be satisfied at least as they have been coming in for weeks wondering where their work is at ... not so good for the new print lady to be not doing her job ... tsk tsk

Sailor's mattress in a box arrived today too - a revelation in packaging - especially when where you live requires everything to barged in at a great cost - it comes packed into a box and it expands when you unwrap it. We filmed the opening as the word as spread through the community and generated some interest -  I was expecting it to be a bit of an anti-climax but to my suprise it was a cool thing - once the first layer was unwrapped the thing sprung into life with a mind of its own and made some several loud creaking and cracking noises and became a mattress - VIOLA!  whole thing took less than three minutes and is pretty comfortable...amazing!

watch this space - the video is coming!

and we are waiting on word of the arrival of wee sienna .... any day now ...  x

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